ALINE Insights.

ALINE Insights are just that—the insights, formed from in-depth research and market analysis, and the advice that is informed by that analysis. We share deep thinking on market events, industry trends, exit planning, philanthropy and more. All while never losing sight of practical application. This process culminates in thoughtful communications in the form of writings, videos, and podcasts tailored for the ALINE-minded client.


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ALINE of SIGHT is our monthly newsletter designed to keep you updated on ALINE news as well as the latest market events and industry trends, readable for all levels of investor sophistication. We will provide you with an inside look at our thinking—our authentic ALINE perspective. 

In each episode of Find Your Exit, Mark Kravietz interviews business owners and practitioners that have successfully exited their businesses. By bringing their valuable insight, experiences and knowledge to his audience, this exciting and informative series is meant to dive deeper into the world of exit planning.

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A Passion for Giving is a podcast about non-profits and the people behind their success. Join Peter J. Klein each episode as he sits down with non-profit executives, board members and their donors to explore how they function within the competitive charitable landscape to accomplish their missions. Learn what inspires their donor base to give and some best practices for surviving the challenges of the current financial climate. 

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Our Weekend Readings are a collection of our writings on the broad array of financial topics that matter to you.