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We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients by listening to their dreams and goals so that we can help them realize these aspirations. We are team-focused, combining experience and depth of skillsets, to work for you and provide customized investment service solutions to help meet your needs. Our clients are our partners, and we believe in actively listening to what matters to you and being there for you and your family in good times and (especially) bad times. Learn more about how we work to develop your investment strategy and provide curated solutions using the ALINE investment process.

ALINE Investment Process

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The investment process starts with goals analysis—learning more about your financial picture and personal circumstances. During this formal discovery process, we will work to develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This living, breathing document codifies an investor’s objectives and constraints.

The foundation of anyone’s portfolio should include diversification with different asset classes that can help mitigate risk and give appropriate returns. The asset allocation will be dependent on one’s tolerance for risk, time horizon, and cash flow needs.

The ALINE investment committee conducts market assessment, analysis, and research on a continuous basis. We believe investment valuation is paramount and study various metrics to develop an internal matrix. This proprietary analysis looks at a series of market and technical indicators to determine our “base case” for the global markets. We also look for growth opportunities—themes in the economy and markets we can buy at an attractive price.

Based on our discussions and a risk evaluation questionnaire, we will zero in on your risk tolerance. We will construct a portfolio aligning your goals and tolerance for risk. This comprehensive wealth management plan looks at where you are today and where you want to be in 10, 20, 30 years and helps to formulate a road map to get you there.

With the target portfolio construction in mind, we will begin assessing an implementation strategy. We will be mindful of market conditions and tax considerations when allocating capital.

We offer our clients access to a financial reporting platform which allows for an instant look at your portfolio. Here, you can view your accounts, performance, and access our secure digital vault.

ALINE Investment Solutions


The core-satellite approach marries the two schools of thought in investment management— the passive (indexing) and the active. A Passive portfolio uses index funds and index ETFs — this represents our CORE portfolio — where we are looking for an anchor or the foundation of the portfolio. This portfolio is re-balanced according to strict bands around each broad asset class.

Free Cash Flow

We use Free Cash Flow to identify stocks that are undervalued. By utilizing the FCF metric, we are able to get to the true root of any enterprise. Earnings are not the best measure for there are many accounting nuisances to the recognition of net income that can cloud the true value of an enterprise. By focusing on FCF, an investor avoids the over-zealous assumptions for growth and is grounded in fact which allows for an investor to determine if the business is under or over-valued. Learn about how we invest.


We use alternatives as non-correlated assets that could provide different returns at different times than conventional investments. These important investments are financial assets that do not fit into the conventional stocks, bonds, and cash categories.

Hightower Investment Solutions

We leverage the Investment Solutions group within Hightower for support in a myriad of ways. This team of tenured investment professionals based in both NYC and Chicago stands ready to deliver personalized assistance with due diligence and research, customized portfolio construction, and complete outsourced investment management solutions.

Sustainable Investing

Water: A Sustainable Investment Strategy

Water is among the most basic and critical natural resources for our survival. However, global challenges have increasingly threatened the water sector. For investors, it is imperative to realize that there exists an opportunity to invest in this sector for both financial returns and social good. This socially responsible investment (SRI) provides a mechanism for investors to align their portfolio with their values.

Impact and ESG Investing — A Deeper Look

Impact investments help generate positive, measurable social and environmental change alongside a financial return.

Positive Impact
Social & Environmental Change
Financial Return

The growing impact investing market provides capital to address the world’s most pressing challenges. Impact investing challenges the long-held views that social and environmental issues should be addressed only by philanthropic donations and government aid, and that market investments should focus exclusively on achieving financial returns.

We can help you stay ALINED on your financial journey.

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