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ALINE: Power of Team

The ALINE team is a diverse community of independent-minded financial professionals founded on a philosophy of trust and radical transparency. Because every ALINE advisor is a fiduciary, every advisor has a legal and professional obligation to act solely in the client’s best interests. We work collaboratively to share ideas and experiences—digging deeply into our clients’ unique needs. And with integrity as our over-arching theme, we strive to deliver what we call “financial advice with a soul.” Because in the end, the most important investment we make is in you.


Mark Kravietz
Managing Partner, Founder

Mark Kravietz is the managing partner and founder of ALINE Wealth. Mark offers financial solutions with a decidedly human touch. He brings a consummate investment acumen to the full range of clients’ challenges, supplemented by considerable insight in exit strategy.

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Chief Investment Officer, Founder

Peter J. Klein is the chief investment officer and founder of ALINE Wealth. Peter is a published author of a technical work which speaks volumes of a career immersed in analytics and the science of investing. To this deep financial wisdom, he adds considerable acumen in philanthropy, helping clients navigate family trusts, institutions and non-profits.

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Executive Director

Cathy Crunden is the executive director of ALINE Wealth. She leverages organizational skills, attention to detail and more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to provide excellent team leadership and office efficiencies to help ensure the team’s success.

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Director of Financial Planning

Jane E. Voorhees is the director of financial planning at ALINE Wealth. Jane has a well-deserved reputation for providing a comprehensive and client-focused service experience over her 30+ years in the financial services industry. She prides herself in the ability to understand the individual needs of her clients and develop deep and lasting relationships with them.

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Wealth Advisor

Gina Grippo-Martinez is a wealth advisor at ALINE Wealth. She brings over 30 years of financial industry experience where she focused on institutional equities research, sales and trading.

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Head of Marketing and Client Experience

Lissette Almanzar is the head of marketing and client experience at ALINE Wealth. Lissette directs ALINE’s marketing and communication efforts. Her primary goal is to provide transparency for our clients through engaging and valuable content which elevates their ALINE Wealth experience.

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Head of Enterprise Risk

Jared Schwartz brings almost two decades of experience in financial risk management to his role as the head of enterprise risk at Hightower.

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Executive Director, Advisor Success

Mike is an executive director on the advisor success team at Hightower. In this role, Mike serves as a dedicated and trusted business partner to Hightower advisors by providing consulting services across all facets of their advisory practices. Working alongside the advisors, Mike helps them define and achieve the business objectives that will best position their practices for future growth.

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Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager

Stephanie Link is chief investment strategist and portfolio manager at Hightower, a national wealth management firm that provides investment, financial and retirement planning services to individuals, foundations and family offices, as well as 401(k) consulting and cash management services to corporations.

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ALINE means comprehensive, holistic wealth management solutions with a decidedly human touch. We will work tirelessly to help ensure your goals and needs remain ALINED through every twist and turn of your financial journey.

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