The ALINE team is a diverse community of independent-minded financial professionals founded on a philosophy of trust and radical transparency. Because every ALINE advisor is a fiduciary, every advisor has a legal and professional obligation to act solely in the client’s best interests. We work collaboratively to share ideas and experiences—digging deeply into our clients’ needs. And with integrity as our over-arching theme, we strive to deliver what we call “financial advice with a soul.” Because in the end, the most important investment we make is in you.

Managing Partner, Founder
Chief Investment Officer, Founder
Executive Director
Director of Financial Planning
Senior Wealth Advisor
Wealth Advisor
Head of Marketing and Client Experience
Client Service Associate

Strategic Partners

Hightower Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager
Hightower Managing Director, Investment Solutions
Hightower Senior Portfolio Analyst
Hightower Managing Director, Estate and Financial Planning

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