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Driven by the belief that wealth management is really life management, we are dedicated to designing a fully-integrated, 360-degree plan for you. It means we listen more than we talk. We dig deep to understand you, your family, your business, your circumstances and your legacy.

From asset allocation to estate planning. Cash flow analysis to tax strategy. Building your business to exiting it. And, above all, keeping a promise one generation makes to another. ALINE means alignment with your specific needs, your goals, your individual risk tolerance.

How is your
portfolio holding
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Financial Planning

Our team's Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) work with clients to develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning, transition planning, as well as insurance needs.

Investment Strategy

We work with clients to identify areas of investment opportunity, develop asset allocation strategies and provide ongoing monitoring of investments and reallocation of assets, when and where appropriate. Investment solutions tailored to client needs and focus by our CIO and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®).

Exit Planning

Our Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) helps entrepreneurs develop a comprehensive and strategic roadmap for transitioning away from their business. We will guide business owners throughout the process from business valuation, to pre-liquidity planning, and the eventual sale.

Philanthropic Planning

From the establishment of private foundations and endowments, to charitable funds and trusts, our team helps clients maximize their giving. Our Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) will help you align your giving focus.

Insurance Planning

We help clients discern and meet their insurance needs, including disability, whole life, annuities, long-term care, estate, excess liability, property and casualty.

Retirement Planning

A Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS®) helps clients develop retirement strategies with an emphasis on income distribution needs, long-term goals, tax management and charitable giving.

Risk Management

Our team provides ongoing portfolio and investment monitoring to discern, assess and help mitigate risk. This includes conducting annual stress tests on your existing portfolio.

Portfolio Construction & Management

We work with clients to understand their liquidity, cash flow and long-term needs to create a diversified, tax-efficient portfolio focused on the long-run.

Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning

We help clients and their families create estate transfer strategies, including trusts and wills, with an emphasis on tax efficiency.

Portfolio Reporting & Analysis

We create both high-level and detailed client portfolio and investment performance reports.

Cash Management

We assist clients with wire transfers, issuing checks, setting up direct debits and supporting liquidity needs.

Tax Planning

From estate planning to charitable giving, our team focuses on creating tax-efficient investment and wealth management strategies.

Secure Digital Vault

We offer clients access to a secure repository of digital documents and performance reports for increased transparency and alignment.

Plan Coordination With Family Advisors

We help foster alignment of clients’ entire financial pictures by working directly with their other trusted advisors to increase efficiency and cohesion. Our clients will also have access to our network of trusted professionals. 


Our Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC®) guides sustainability-focused clients on aligning their investments with their values. This includes access to our proprietary water portfolios.

We can help you stay ALINED on your financial journey.

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