017: Staying Nimble in Business with Errol Glasser and Richard Kestenbaum

By Aline Wealth Management on July 13, 2020

In business, the ability to stay nimble and adapt will determine your long-term success. Just how flexible is your organization and the culture you have built? A crisis such as the pandemic we are experiencing now will put this to the test. Errol Glasser and Richard Kestenbaum have decades of business experience building a people-first culture that can adapt to fit the times.

Errol Glasser has over 35 years of deal-making experience. He co-founded Triangle Capital in 2003 and often works directly within the Apparel, Retail & Consumer sector, but also offers a wealth of experience in other industries including business services, manufacturing, and transportation.

Richard Kestenbaum is a co-founder and Partner of Triangle Capital and has been an investment banker for over 35 years. Richard has a great deal of experience advising clients in merchandising businesses, particularly in the Retail & Consumer sector. He is a contributor to Forbes.com where he writes a regular blog about trends in retail and consumer product businesses. He also appears regularly in print and other media as well as industry panels and speaking programs.

Today, Errol and Richard join the podcast to discuss how they view the retail and consumer landscape. They also discuss deal-making and how they foresee it changing through the pandemic.

• How Errol and Richard’s prior experiences shaped their business outlook and eventually the formation of Triangle Capital.
• How much does organizational culture influence employee output?
• Richard discusses how the nature of business is more about people than the numbers.
• Errol dives into the differences between brokering deals with mid-size businesses versus big businesses.
• What have they learned since starting their venture at Triangle?
• In what ways has the pandemic exacerbated pre-existing trends in the retail and consumer space?
• Which types of businesses and cultures will survive the pressures of the current economic downturn and volatility?
• How is the pandemic impacting deal-making? What do they think the short-term outlook looks like?

“Understanding people is paramount.” – Richard Kestenbaum


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