032: How to Catapult Your Business Exit with Pete Martin

By Aline Wealth Management on January 26, 2022

Business owners tend to be so focused on putting out fires in their day-to-day operations that it can seem impossible to plan for growth, never mind an exit from the business. However, this myopia holds business owners back. Pete Martin has dedicated his career to helping business owners break free of this mindset.

Pete Martin is the Founder and CEO of AskMyBoard, a company focused on helping business owners unleash their business’s highest potential value to grow faster and more profitably to put you in a position to exit at the highest price or confidently detach from the business. As a serial entrepreneur, Pete has started, scaled, and successfully exited four previous companies, including his last to KPMG for 12 times EBIDTA and no earn-out.

Pete is also the author of the upcoming book, “Pillars of Power – the Foundation for Explosive Growth and Sustainable Scale”. He is the creator of the Catapult Method™, which helps companies work strategically on every part of their business-enhancing all eight drivers of business value simultaneously. He has personally facilitated $1 billion in software, services, and technology sales to companies worldwide.

Today, Pete joins the podcast to discuss the ways in which business owners can improve their operations to unleash their highest potential and catapult towards an optimal exit.


  • Pete shares some of his biggest mistakes in his career and the lessons he learned from them.
  • Learn the ways in which taking on a more hands-off approach can be beneficial to the business in the long run.
  • Discover what the Catapult Method™ is and what are some key drivers for business growth.
  • Pete emphasizes why business owners need to improve upon themselves first and then their business if they seek to achieve success.


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